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Talent Management

Talent management includes following services:


Talent Placement and Assessment

Effective talent search, screening and placements. Scientific ways to identify key talent of the organization considering the performance and potential of Talent pool. Talent assessment discussions, talent matrix, talent reviews are some of the tools we use.

Talent Development

Results from talent matrix, talent assessment and career discussions are incorporated in individual development plans. These are supported with effective mentoring tools and career principles. We also provide Organizational Talent Inventory with a Nine Box Matrix clearly identifying the Hi-Potentials. These inputs feed into the succession plan and build the talent pipeline for the organizations.

Performance Management

Coherent strategic plan aligning all functions/departments to capture strategic aspects. Realign or design the entire Performance Management process basis the industry best practices and inputs from the organizational diagnostic to help create a highperformance organization.

Career Path and Structure

Career path and structure formation to achieve individual and organizational aspirations. Career progression solutions through effective IDPs, career movements based on talent assessment to ensure effective talent retention and management.

Products in the area of Talent Management:

  • Hiring Services

  • Onboarding and probation support

  • 9Box Talent Matrix Framework

  • Career Path and Progression

  • Career Mentoring Framework

  • Competency Framework and IDPs

  • Talent Tool kits


Leadership Engagement levels

Organizational Leadership

Making organizations unique and different in the industry by developing a visionary leadership team at the top, focusing on thought leadership, establishing future centric strategy and inculcating a culture of high performance.

Team Leadership

Helping teams to work in collaboration and creating passion towards collective goals, developing cohesive team and people leadership.

Individual Leadership

Helping individuals to begin their leadership journey by developing key competencies, ownership and awareness of self, basics of leadership, understanding leadership styles.

Leadership Services


Deep rooted, powerful interventions with scientific approach for individuals and teams.


Experience based practical approach with customization for various aspects of organization

Facilitation Labs

Well designed customised training solutions with theoretical foundation and experiential learning techniques.

Products in the area of Leadership

  • Leaders of Tomorrow Framework (program for succession planning)

  • Leadership Essentials

  • Team Leads Essentials

  • Envisioning Exercise

Culture and Values Initiatives

HR Consulting

Our expertise is to understand and interpret the organization and help with customized HR solutions. We stand by you to help you capitalize on the people power of your organization! We help you with the areas listed below;


  • Building Your Unique And Young Culture (mainly for start-ups)

  • Setting-up Effective Human Capital Function

  • Performance aligned to business results

HR consulting includes following services:

HR Policies & Practices

Help in formation and review of current policies related to HR. Drafting and implementation of policies and practices aligned to organization strategy and culture.

Performance Management

Forming performance management system that suits the business. Creating high performing teams aligned to larger collective goals of the organization 

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement initiatives with leadership buy-in. Engagement champions and team formation to ensure ownership of culture and building highly engaged teams.


Prevention of sexual harassment policy formation, awareness and practices charter.

Products in the area of HR consulting:

  • HR Policies pack

  • HR Scorecard Auditing

  • HR team mentoring and streamlining of HR processes

  • HR strategy formation

  • Employee engagement surveys

  • Employee engagement initiatives model

  • POSH - framework, awareness and ICC formation, Annual Report Filing

Transition Management

We strongly believe transition management across all levels is extremely important for success of a professional in-line with organizational success. Employee experience management is key to effective employee engagement, retention and progression.


Following initiatives in transition management are our most liked programs:


Onboarding and Induction

Making a smooth transition into a new organization’s culture, values, eco-system. We provide the framework and supporting training to implement the same.

Campus to Corporate

Transition from individual to team, corporate work culture is most important for the new hire freshers. This is a complete solution to ensure employee retention and smooth career take off.

First Time Manager

Setting up the first time managers for success and making their roles highly effective and impactful on leadership as well as their teams with simple and actionable tools.


Getting back to work post a break due to various reasons including long leave or sabbatical (education, maternity, paternity, eldercare, medical conditions) comes with a set of challenges and our role is to make this phase easy in favour of individual and organization.


Products in Transition Management:

  • Buddy System

  • On-Boarding Framework, Toolkit and Diary

  • ASCEND - Campus to Corporate

  • Manager Essentials

  • Diversity and Inclusion module for managers

We use the Multi-Focus model to gather insights on the alignment between organizational strategy, vision, mission, values and its culture. We work on various aspects of Culture and Values to help organizations build a functional organizational culture which enhances the employer brand. This helps in high engagement and commitment of employees towards the organization.


We work on following aspects:


Culture Assessments

Simple, multi-dimensional surveys to identify existing culture and values, identify the gaps and areas to work upon aligning them with the organizational.


Value and Culture Building

Forming and defining the organizational culture and values. Interventions for cross functional and multi-level diverse groups for inputs and envisioning at leadership level.


Diversity, Inclusion and Cultural Sensitivity

Awareness discussions and sessions where the larger purpose is explained in simple and fun-based learning mechanisms across all levels.


Products in area of Values and Culture

  • Value and Culture Integration

  • Diversity and Culture Sensitization

  • Taking Values and Culture to the last mile

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